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Afro Borinken Roots Performing Group, INC has the mission to spread and preserve the Afro Puerto Rican culture, our Hispanic and Taino heritage. Our main goals are to educate the community in the knowledge of our roots and to create employment opportunities for local musicians and artists.


Jennie Delgado is a percussionist based in Miami. Born in Guayama, Puerto Rico, Graduated from Miami International University of Arts and Design. Jennie became fascinated with rhythms from all over the world thus developing her eclectic taste. Though Jennie started her musical journey playing guitar, it all changed when she attended her first drum circle at 17 years old. Since then, Jennie has traveled with various artists around the world such as Doctor Nativo, Fabi World Music, Mofongo de Plena among others and has performed at the Latin Grammys with Mr. Pauer for 2 consecutive years. Currently Jennie is operating her own company Afro Borinken Roots and has been working in Miami and many other states performing at concerts and Music festivals.

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